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  • From Vol. 2 No.16 (Aug. 3, 2016)

    Procedures for Hedge Fund Managers to Safeguard Trade Secrets From Rogue Employees 

    In an era when high-profile data theft cases have shaken some people’s faith in the security of personal information entrusted to fund managers, it is critically important for firms to take steps to detect, prevent and address such thefts by rogue employees. This is of particular urgency for hedge fund managers now that the SEC has stepped up its focus on cybersecurity. Data security and the measures that can help safeguard trade secrets and sensitive information were the focus of a recent Hedge Fund Association panel discussion featuring participants from the law firm Gibbons, the litigation consulting firm DOAR and the hedge fund Litespeed Partners. See also “How Financial Service Providers Can Address Common Cybersecurity Threats” (Mar. 16, 2016).

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  • From Vol. 1 No.13 (Sep. 30, 2015)

    Protecting and Enforcing Trade Secrets in a Digital World

    In addition to consumer data and employee data, trade secrets also need to be a focus of cybersecurity programs, given their importance to companies and their vulnerability to cyber theft.  In this interview with The Cybersecurity Law Report, Matthew Prewitt, a partner and chair of the cybersecurity and data privacy practice and co-chair of the trade secrets practice at Schiff Hardin, discusses how to structure a process to identify and protect trade secrets from cyber risk, how to litigate trade secrets in the wake of an insider breach, and the changes that may come with the proposed Defend Trade Secrets Act of 2015.  See also “Strategies for Preventing and Handling Cybersecurity Threats from Employees,” The Cybersecurity Law Report, Vol. 1, No. 1 (Apr. 8, 2015).

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