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  • From Vol. 3 No.8 (Apr. 19, 2017)

    Effective and Compliant Employee Monitoring (Part Two of Two)

    Experts agree that network monitoring is a critical proactive cybersecurity measure. But complexities arise that require cross-department coordination and deep understanding of numerous privacy limitations and other legal requirements. The second installment of this two-part series provides operational guidance on implementing monitoring programs and navigating contrasting rules in Europe, as well as issues surrounding individual monitoring, monitoring for non-security purposes, and data controlled by third parties. The first part tackled the role of data monitoring, effective notice, legal considerations, and specific policy considerations. See also “Do You Know Where Your Employees Are? Tackling the Privacy and Security Challenges of Remote Working Arrangements” (May 25, 2016).

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  • From Vol. 3 No.7 (Apr. 5, 2017)

    Effective and Compliant Employee Monitoring (Part One of Two) 

    When can companies “spy” on their employees? Monitoring data systems and employee digital activity is critical to reducing the significant cybersecurity risks that employees pose (either inadvertently or maliciously), but companies do need to make sure they comply with consent and other legal requirements when implementing surveillance programs. This first part of a two-part series on the topic addresses the role of data monitoring, effective notice, legal considerations, and specific policies regarding BYOD, termination and remote employees – including stories from the trenches. Part two will provide operational guidance on implementing effective and compliant monitoring programs, and discuss privacy concerns in different types of employee surveillance, including the contrasting rules and approaches in Europe. See also “Strategies for Preventing and Handling Cybersecurity Threats From Employees” (Apr. 8, 2015).

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